Conceria DeGi Pellami

Today at the head of the company there is the administrator Antonio De Piano. The patrimony of knowledge and skill of the team as well as the strategic position in the Solofra leather district allows’ company to produce leather for garments, for shoes and bags.

Experience and passion for the tannery that is handed down by two generation.

The productions of the tannery DeGi Pellami are able to satisfy with a dinamic and effective service the needs of brand positioned in the range market medium-high.

An essential aspect of the company’s vision is the support service development and sampling for our customers


The development team and Agile methodology

In this regard the company has structured its inside a development and research team organized according to the metodology "Agile Project Managment" able to answer in an easy way to the requests of our customers.

In short the method of approach provides:


a close communication between the customer and the tannery


customer involvment in the development of various articles


hierarchical structure inside of the team


the specific test for the quality